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Using A Busted Cell Phone For Survival

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I then shaped the other half of the circuit board into an “arrowhead” spear point which I lashed onto the end of a willow shaft using the natural cordage I gathered.  I abraded the edges of this point against the stone to sharpen it.  I’ve made many make-shift gigs and spears in my life, and I have no doubt that this point can do some serious damage – either in self-defense or in food procurement.

I was also able to make a back-up gig by folding and pounding (using two rocks) a small, thin piece of metal into another arrowhead-shaped point.  This is crazy sharp and is very similar to a make-shift broad head.

And Then He Made Fire

Probably the most valuable piece of a broken cell phone to a survivor is the battery.  Almost any battery can be short-circuited to generate either a spark or a hot enough wire to ignite flammable tinder.  Fire can be used in a survival situation to signal for help, boil water, regulate core body temperature, make tools, fend off predators, and cook food.

Everyone has seen the old steel wool trick.  Steel wool ignites very quickly when brushed across the positive and negative terminals on a cell phone battery.  But, when’s the last time you saw a wild steel wool tree?  I seriously doubt you are going to have some steel wool on-hand in a survival situation.

However, I used thin wire that I found inside a cell phone to connect (and short circuit) the cell phone battery.  It almost instantly turned red hot when I touch it simultaneously to the + and – terminals.  I had to peel off the battery’s outer coating to do this.  Make sure you have your fire tinder ready because it doesn’t last long and is almost certainly a one shot chance.  This red hot wire can be used to ignite natural found tinder such as the below seed pod or a spare SURVIVAL TAMPON.

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