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Using A Busted Cell Phone For Survival

5 minutes

I also tried to magnify the sun’s rays using the lens from a phone’s camera but was unable to get anything to smoke or ignite.  I was pretty stoked about this possibility but couldn’t get it to work:

Fishing Lures

As I looked at the pile of cell phone parts in front of me, some looked surprisingly similar to fish tackle lures, so I went to work and quickly created these four fishing lures.

The most basic lure is the one marked GORGE.  This is a classic survival fishing hook and rather than hooking a fish, it “gorges” itself in the fish’s throat.  It must be baited in parallel with the fish line as shown below.  Once the fish swallows the bait and the line is pulled taught, the gorge pivots on the line and “gorges” in the throat.  I counted as many as 20 gorge lures in one phone.  With enough cordage you could set out several fishing lines to work for you.

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