Prepping for Pets – What Should I Have Ready?

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While Preppers are busy practicing their skills, storing supplies and reading survival books, its east to forget about out our four legged friends.But if SHTF, you’ll want to make sure your pets are taken care of as well.

A lot of people assume that their pets can eat human food if then need to, but animals have different nutritional needs as well as other considerations. Here are some things you don’t want to forget for your pet.



  • Pet Food – I try to have at least a month worth at all times. But the more food the better


  • Food and Water Bowls – We have collapsible bowls for being on the go.


  • Water – Now we should all have  this anyways, but when calculating how much to store, don’t forget your pets in that equation.


  • Waste Disposal – Doggy Bags, Cat Litter, a scoop, baking soda, newspaper,. depending on your pet of course.


  • Medications – Veterinarian prescribed, Flea and Tick(collars, sprays, shampoo)


  • Grooming Supplies –  Nail trimmers, Brushes, Dental Care products.


  • Carriers, Collars and Leashes  – Its good to have an extra of each just in case, with attached tags with the name, address, and phone number engraved on it.


  • Records and Documents – Place all you documents in a gallon zip lock bag to keep them safe. Don’t forget to also include instructions on care for each animal and a recent picture in case you need to leave them with someone for a bit.


  • Toys – Because what pets don’t want to have some toys, its cheap entertainment for everyone.


Dog Accesories

Can you think of any additional items to add to this list? We would like to hear from you!

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