Shelf Life of Food Preps

2 minutes

All bulk foods used for long-term storage should be carefully sealed to keep them safe from pests and rodents. To store a large quantity of dried bulk foods, choose food-grade five-gallon buckets with gasket lids. Line each bucket with a Mylar bag. Place one 500cc oxygen absorber in the bottom of the bag. Fill the bag about half way, shaking the bucket to settle the food. Add another oxygen absorber, and then fill the bucket, leaving about an inch of space on top. Place another oxygen absorber on top.
Pull the bag up as high as you can, settling the food into the bucket. Use a hot iron to seal the Mylar bag. Place a board on the edge of the bucket, lay the bag top straight and start sealing the bag from left to right, making sure to squeeze out excess air before finishing the seal. Fold the bag down, and place the gasket lid on the bucket.

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