Hurricane Safety – After The Storm

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Be Safe Outside

Keep Away from Floodwater

  • Always follow warnings about flooded roads.
  • Drive around floodwater, not through it. It may be deeper than you think. If you have to be in or near floodwater, wear a life jacket — especially if the water is rising.

Keep in mind that floodwater often carries germs. If you touch it, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water. If you don’t have soap or water, use alcohol-based wipes or sanitizer.


Stay Away from Power Lines and Dangerous Materials

  • Stay clear of fallen power lines. Call the electric company to report them.
  • Watch out for power lines overhead.
  • Protect yourself with the right gear — like a breathing mask (respirator) — if you’re near dangerous materials. Dust in damaged buildings could contain substances like lead, asbestos, cement, or mold. If you touch something harmful, wash it off your skin right away.
  • Get help if you’re not sure how to handle harmful materials.

Protect Yourself from Animals and Pests.

  • Floods can bring mosquitoes that carry disease. Use insect repellent (bug spray) with DEET or Picaridin. Wear long sleeves, pants, and socks when you’re outside.

Stay away from wild or stray animals after a storm. Call 911 or your public health department to report them.

  • If you see a dead animal, report it to local officials.


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