Washington Goes There: Puts Nuclear War With Russia on the Table

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by Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project via SHTFPlan:

Editor’s Comment: This means, of course, that world affairs are now flirting with and hinging upon WWIII. That much everyone understands; the gravity has been pointed out and often played up for effect. But the the simple summation of world war fails to convey the methodical and cynical workings of an empire that has used crisis to bring us to this point, in order to complete a scheme for world order that was hatched decades ago.

The U.S. population was lied to about the source of, and identity of terrorism, and goaded on with ridiculous levels of fear and propaganda. In the shadows of that, America went to war. For what? To bring justice to the perpetrators of 9/11? Hardly. Just lies to build upon lies. Regime change in Iraq opened up a vacuum – that was known consequence, and it was a crisis to build upon. Rather than wiping the slate clean of known terror cells in Afghanistan and elsewhere, the U.S. and many Western and Middle East allies deliberately fueled it, along with a Sunni-Shia civil war – though the American population knows little to nothing of this rationale and these factors. In part on behalf of Saudi Arabia’s pro-Sunni slant, and in part on behalf Israel’s bizarre desire to have extremist Muslim neighbors rather than moderate ones, this alliance has brought ISIS to life. The usual suspects funded, armed, trained and unleashed ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State. Balancing chaos is a delicate act; really it is one with known and almost certain blowback. Messy. Not a good practice.

But ultimately – against all logic and any remaining conventional wisdom, this daredevil act has dared a greater gamble, to draw in competitors to U.S.-directed world order, and force conflict between ever greater opponents… what starts with Syria and Assad (and ostensibly the intent to ‘destroy ISIS’) leads directly to Iran, Russia and perhaps even China. Russia has clearly built up its forces accordingly, and Putin is their huckleberry. NATO and the Ukraine could draw everyone in from the European side as well. Pure madness.

When we talk about being on the brink of WWIII, we are talking about a psychopathic and insane cult that has hijacked U.S., Western and Middle East interests, thrown out all sanity and civility, and provoked destruction repeatedly until all the stops have been pulled, and nothing remains but that which is in the path of war, and the aftermath of remapping, rebuilding and a new world order. The only sense of victory will be out of the ashes, not from ceasefire and military success. For that, our sons and daughters, and our best and brightest will fight and die. For another lie, perhaps the biggest lie yet, millions will die. May God help us all…

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